A new way for team building


Fitgura is a fitness catering service that brings fitness parties to your space (office, meeting room, company gym, etc). Our fitness parties are fun, social, and toning.

Perfect for team building events, employee fitness program, and unique company gathering ideas.

Over 50 themed fitness parties

1. Book a Fitness Party.

2. We bring the full experience to your space.

3. Enjoy the fun!


Fun, Social, Toning


What sets Fitgura apart from other fitness classes is the focus of having fun, socializing with each other, while toning your body. Each fitness party is designed to maximize social interactions with fun fitness games, partner/group training, fitness challenges, and many more fun fitness training.



We will take care of bringing all the equipments, setting up, and cleaning up. All your team needs to bring is water. We will even provide clean towels for everybody!


Setting the mood

A party is not complete without music and party lights. Whatever space you provide, we will fill it up with party music and lighting.


Fitness Games

We believe that playing games brings people together. That’s why every fitness party comes with multiple fitness games.We offer a total of 100+ games across 50+ fitness parties!


Cutting Edge Fitness Training

We are serious about your team's fitness training. All of the trainings are based on the latest and most effective exercise science. Our awesome trainers will demonstrate and assist your team through every step of the training to ensure safety.

Thousands of people ❤ us for a reason

  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Reduce sick days
  • Cut health care cost
  • Bring teams closer together
  • Professional exercise guidance
  • Large variety of exercises and equipment
  • Full fitness party experience delivered
  • ZERO equipment requirement
  • No hassle of traveling. We come to you.