Bring studio-grade FitParty to your office.

Fitgura Fitness Party (FitParty)

Group fitness training party with studio grade equipments, music & sound system, lighting, and professional trainers.

Fun fitness studio experience brought to your office


The studio experience

With fun music, professional sound system, and party mood lighting, we throw the best fitness party in town.

Full equipments

All FitParties come with full equipments, like battle rope, sandbag, balls, mats, and more.

Win grand prizes

Earn reward stars from playing a variety of fun fitness games and redeem your prizes.

The best team building fitness program


Professionally designed to engage everyone in the team. Hundreds of group and partner fitness activities to make sure nobody left alone.


Your team's training is never the same! Fitness game, theme workout, circuit training, bootcamp style, just to name a few.


Back by science, our elite-level certified personal trainers put the most effective training into your team's FitParty. Nobody leaves without serious effort.

Benefits you can expect

Stronger team relationship: On-going team building activities make team stronger together.

Minimize injuries: Professional trainers make sure your team stay away from exercise injuries.

Trust building: Team members build trust with each others through fitness games and partner exercises.

Less sick days: Effective fitness training keeps your team healthy and strong.

Studio experience delivered: Full studio experience for every session, such as professional sound system, colorful mood lighting, clean towels, and all inclusive equipments.

Communicate better: Through fitness challenges and competitions, your team will sharpen their communication skills for the win.

Happier team: Fun FitParties increase your team's satisfaction of the work place and destress their mind.

Mess-free training: You provide the space and we take care of the equipment delivery, set up, and cleanup.

Improve team work: Group fitness challenges force the whole team to work together.

Better leadership skill: Everyone in the team will have a chance to become the leader in various fitness games and challenges.

How does Fitgura's FitParty work?


Step 1

Subscribe to or Order on demand a FitParty program

Step 2

Fitgura sends trainers & equipments to your office

Step 3

Under professional guidance, your team plays at the FitParty