Fitness Party Delivered to Your Office


Fitgura is your office's fitness caterer

Full fitness studio experience

We provide all the equipments needed for the fitness party, along with fun music, professional sound system, party mood lighting, and even clean towels.

Whenever, wherever you prefer

We can throw you a fitness party just about anytime anywhere. Early morning, lunchtime, afterwork, or special events. In your office, outdoor, or a company retreat in nature.




An ongoing team building fitness program

We don't just train, we play. Through fitness games, partner training, and friendly fitness competitions, your team bonds together at every fitness party.

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Double benefits at the price of a lunch box

Team Building + Fitness Program


Order whenever you need a team building event


($200 minimum, no monthly commitment)


No activation or cancellation fee, no other ongoing fees, cancel anytime


($150 minimum, 1 session weekly)


($100 minimum, 2+ sessions weekly)

Team trains together stays together

What it actually looks like

Benefits you can expect

  • Stronger team relationship
  • Trust building
  • Improve team work
  • Less sick days
  • Happier team
  • Mess-free training

How does Fitgura's fitness party work?


Step 1

Subscribe to or order on demand a fitness party program

Step 2

Fitgura sends trainers & equipments to your office

Step 3

Under professional guidance, your team trains at the fitness party