Turn lunchtime into your power hour

Quick and effective training, maximum calories burn, mid-day energy boost, and more.

In, out, done.

Come in anytime during the training session and leave whenever your team wants. Designed for busy people like your team, our quick lunch time fitness party saves your team's time, while toning their muscle to the max.

✓ Train for as long or as short as your team wants.

✓ Burn 500-800 Kcal average an hour.

✓ Different training themes everyday.

Lunchtime fun

Break up your team's long workday in half with a fun lunchtime fitness party. Your long and draining workday will become like a blast.

Best way to spend lunchtime

Think about what can 1 hour of lunchtime fitness party every day do for your team in 6 months?

Burn Calories

An hour of lunchtime fitness party burns 600-800 Kcal on average.

Tone Muscle

We work different muscles every day to make sure your team hits all the muscles.

Bonding time with coworkers

Different fitness games and partner exercises give your team opportunities to turn coworkers into best friends.

Transform your team's lunchtime today