Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is each fitness party?

Each fitness party is an hour long. In addition to the fitness party time, we will arrive at your location 15-30 minutes earlier for set up and 5-10 minutes afterward for cleanup.

2. What kind of equipments will you bring?

We will bring different equipments based on the content of each fitness party. Some of our cool fitness toys include dumbbell and kettlebell, sandbag, oversize wall ball, slam ball, battlerope, etc.

3. What does my team/residents need to bring?

Your team/residents only need to bring their own water. We provide everything needed for an immersive fitness studio experience, including clean towel, mat, music, lighting, etc.

4. What are we going to be doing during the fitness party?

Your office will be doing a variety of social fitness training, such as circuit training, partner exercise, game training, HIIT, etc. It's always different for every session so your team/residents will never get bored.

5. What can my team/residents expect for a fitness party?

They can expect to sweat a lot, tone their muscle, have fun socializing with coworkers/neighbors through fitness training, and even winning prizes from playing fitness games.


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