Morning FitParty

A perfect morning starts here.


Charge up your team with a morning FitParty


Morning work productivity is the king. We've created morning FitParty to pump up your team so they can be ultra focus and productive for the day.


From waking up to fully charge


Waking Up

We start your team's morning FitParty with a few rounds of easy warm up exercises and games.

Charge in Progress

Turn the intensity and fun up a notch. By this time, everyone should be fully awake.

Max Effort

Who's ready to start the day? The last 15 mins will charge up your team for the rest of the day.

Simply Refuel*

Fresh & Delicious Breakfast

Every breakfast is freshly made with high quality superb food to make sure your team gets the best head start possible.

Customized Menus

Your team will choose what they want for breakfast from a wide variety of cuisine options.

Full Service

No mess required. All breakfast comes with full service of utensils and family-style service.

How does morning FitParty work?

Show up in workout clothes

 ↓ ↓

Have fun training

 ↓ ↓

Grab a delicious fresh breakfast


Start your team's morning right

*Simply refuel breakfast is optional and with additional cost